PAC n DELIVER is India’s leading parcel courier and freight reseller. We deliver choice, convenience and customised solutions for businesses, e-tailers and consumers when sending goods anywhere, saving you time, trouble and money. PAC n DELIVER is trusted by businesses, consumers and eCommerce companies worldwide to tailor a solution for their circumstances. Our competitively priced services are flexible and can be customised to suit your needs, timeframe and budget.

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Courier & Freight

PAC N DELIVER’s courier and freight service offers a network of multi-carrier options, which can deliver your goods locally, nationally and internationally.

Logistics Solutions

Our services can be tailored for the requirements of multiple industries and we offer specialised logistics to simplify running your business.

Baggage & Removals

We specialise in small moves and provide removalist services to individuals and businesses which need to move furniture and personal belongings.

Packing Solutions

We are the experts when it comes to custom packaging goods to protect them in transit.