What is Volume or Dimension weight ??

Volume or Dimension is also known as Chargeable Weight and is often very important

in pre-determining your logistics costs. Very few have the knowledge of calculating

the right Logistics costs before moving the package. Well here is the complete guide

to VOLUME or DIMENSION WEIGHT as they would call it.


Actual weight simply refers to the weight done on a weighing scale.


Volume or Dimensional Weight refers to weight done by the size of the material after
Its packed or in a ready to ship condition.

Actual Weight or Volume Weight whichever is higher is to be considered as charged
Weight and your shipment / package shall be charged as per this method.

Why is this so to be calculated ??

Trucks | Aircraft | Sea Vessel or any other mode of transport or carrier have a fixed
Space and a limited size within that space or size and estimate of ‘x’ weight is to be
Carried which brings in efficient cost of transportation through the above modes.

Volumetric Weight Calculation


Therefore various modes of transportation have various Volume Weight calculation
Methods here as below some examples and can be varied depending on the company
How they are implementing the same in order to bring efficiency.


Road Transport | Surface Mode

The volume is calculated in the below methods :Length x Breadth x Height (in cms) / 27000 x 10 CFT
Some go by divisor form 27000 to 4000 to CFT of 10 to 8 to 6 even lot of variations are used.
Air Freight | Cargo | Transport
The volume is calculated in the below method :

Length x Breadth x Height (in cms) / 5000

Sea Freight | Cargo | Transport

Length x Breadth x Height (in cms) / 1000000

Here is a website that directly will calculate the volume :


Well you now already know the basic of how to calculate volume weight of a package well

there is automation in this and automation brings more efficiency but this leads to improve

packaging methods. Let us tell you why and how to do this in our next blog.

Thanks for reading.