Courier Services Canada

Be it TORONTO OR VANCOUVER we are best Courier Services CANADA, Fast courier service is our forte to Canada.

We offer free courier pick up and also take care of the Packaging of the parcel to CANADA all

with delivery within 48-72 hours.


We are capable of shipping food items like dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, dry snacks, grocery,

clothes Electronic items like mixer, Juicer, iron, heat bags, medicine delivery,

ready to eat food packets, Parsi food Vasanu



We have food grade Vacuum Bags and offer a complete vacuum packaging service for all your food items.


Why do you need Vacuum Packaging

1. Brittle food items may get damage by Vacuum Packaging it there is no space for them item to move and is sealed
completely tight which makes them hard, this helps to stack up with other hard food item

2. Once vacuum packing is done food shall stay fresh for a longer period and can used in microwave to heat or
in freezer to freeze for future use hence the food will stay fresh longer

3. Use only what you need vacuum stored food will stay longer and hence store or stock it up and keep using
it fresh as and when u need it therefore no food wastage and lot saving too.


When you think of International courier near me we are just a phone call away you can give us a

missed call/reach us on 022 48932229, or simply WhatsApp us on 8879991866


Pay your courier charges to Canada simply as you can pay via multiple options of cash, online payment gateway,

Net Banking our online payment gateway link is ONLINE PAYMENT


We offer courier service from Toronto to India at very cheap rates with customs clearance and door

delivery service.  Send parcel to Canada hassle free through our express package services